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As far as Australian books go, you won’t find a more authentic story.

Embark on an incredible and occasionally heart-wrenching expedition into the life of Toots Holzheimer. Known as Australia’s esteemed truck driver, Toots fearlessly transported diesel, food, and beer across the vast expanse from the 1960s to the 1990s, all the way to the Cape. Confronting treacherous paths and a lack of communication, Toots’ unwavering determination and unwavering dedication to the community ensured that isolated towns in Far North Queensland never went without their essential supplies, defying all odds. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary and quintessentially Australian narrative today.

Reviews, Australian books – “Toots”

Toots was a true FNQ Legend. I wish you were still here. For anyone who loves trucks and their drivers or who knows the ‘Cape’ an excellent read. Richard.

Not all pioneers were men. The ‘weaker’ sex did as much to open up this country as the men. If they weren’t supporting them they were leading them. Just because something had never been done doesn’t mean it can’t be done. That’s the message I learnt from this lady’s extraordinary determination to complete what she started out to do. Cleone.

Amazing Lady. A very talented woman self taught in a Mans world, although many a Man would have trouble achieving Toot’s goals. Very family orientated as well. Love this trucking history and have seen her restored truck at the Winton Truck Museum which is worth a visit. Bob.

A Good and Interesting Read. I chose this book as I like reading about anything Australian and in particular Australian people. I found the book interesting and have learnt to appreciate the hard but enjoyable life that Toots had before her sudden death. I could identify with many of the places that Toots worked in as I have visited them myself. If you like reading about Australia and Australian personalities I recommend this book to you. Shazza.

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