Toots - Woman in a Man's world

"Hi Donna,
Just saw your name on the listing today at the meeting and meant to tell you that while I was in Cairns I went in to the reception where they had a book called “Toots” on the counter – OMG, I said to her “Wow – How dirty does Donna look there” - she had a good laugh and told me that this was your mother. I then bought the book and spent last weekend reading it and I must say what a wonderful read. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it but parts were very sad. Your mother was a mighty woman and it was so sad that this lovely woman had such a tragic end. You should be very proud of your heritage and thank you for sharing your mothers life for us all to read especially since you dealt with the highs and lows; the good and the bad and the absolute honesty that was expressed in the book. Thanks again – I have since given it to my father in law as he is from the Cairns area and heard of your mother so was looking forward to reading it."

"Toots touched the lives of many people including my brothers and sisters ... we lived and grew up on The Thomas Orchard Hosie Road Shepparton East and where Toots and Ron set up house in their huge caravan (appeared huge at the time as there are many much larger ones around now) on the banks of the irrigation channel on our Fathers property which caused him some concern being the safety of the little girls (they were at the time) Sharon and Lynnie, who were very water savvy as this had been there life style living and camping by rivers and water. ...Having done a trip to the Tip "Cape" as a tourist in 2005 (35ks in 8hrs on the old Telegraph Track). I/we (my husband Dave a truckie of road trains and B-Doubles) have a small appreciation of the treacherous conditions Toots and Co, endured all those many years ago, especially when we came across the Memorial to Toots at the Archer River Road House and I exclaiming! That I knew that lady! I really knew that lady! to my in-law family who were travelling with us at the time. Explaining to them of her life in Shepparton in the late 60s working on my fathers' property.
I enjoyed reading the book and felt a little sense of pride knowing such a lady. I currently live in the Lockyer Valley where they have the Truckies memorial Lights on the Hill in Gatton. Found Toots plaque and Darryl Holtzheimer. A ceremony was held on the 8th Oct 2011 where more names were added to the honour board. "  Ann *

My name is Lyn * I was having a look at the book you did on your mum ...which may I add is "bloody excellent"and did notice how well it was presented and how you wrote it. This has been my dream (and my sisters) to publish a book on Dad, He knew your mum and ran into her on many a trips "up bush"many a time. He did what your mum did for over 50 years and would proberly still be doing it today if he didn't have 4 daughters that have to keep on reminding him he ain't a "Spring Chicken" anymore..haha

Pauline * I read your book, couldn't put it down, great read.....just bought another one for my favourite brother-in-law's birthday as he said he knew your Mum when he was truck driving....also my cousins in it too....thanks Donna

I have just finirshed reading your book about your mum, it was so great to read. Thanks for sharing it and letting us recall our memories of Toots as well. Marilyn Burke

Hello Donna, i was just reading that your mum was Toots you must be so proud Ross Squeaka Young

Just finished reading your book great work. Knew Toots when I was a young fella growing up in Weipa - Walter Farber